Terms and Conditions

Background information:

PESACONNECT is website owned by CHRISHRABO AGENCIES and protected by copyright.

Each affiliate is an independent contractor and s own boss and not an employee/student of PESACONNECT.

Nothing herein is intended to create an employer/employee relationship or structure.

The Participant agrees to the following financial commitments:

Participant will become a member of PESACONNECT they choose and will pay for the package fees associated, plus applicable taxes during withdrawals and withdrawable charges from Safaricom.

Package fees are non refundable equivalent regarding his/her currency upon signing of this agreement to be an activated member.

Additional fees will apply for any other services used by the Participant such as lead generation, additional coaching etc.

Applicable taxes will be applied to all fees payable to PESACONNECT.

Affiliate Commissions:

Whenever someone uses your affiliate link, your ID is credited with a referral fee. When another affiliate registers as an affiliate using your affiliate link, your account is credited as the sponsoring affiliate. You earn a sponsoring fee for all affiliate up to level 7 from there you do not earn any other commission for any other affiliate. The commission/referral fee varies from product, service or opportunity. The rate at which your referral fee is generated can be found on the website and is subject to change at any time.

PESACONNECT affiliate can withdraw his/her cash to any of his/ her chosen pay plan. Commissions on product and services are paid at the rate as indicated on the website. The program operator tries to pay similar rates on further products, services and opportunities but reserves the right to pa different scale if necessary.

Any member who does not activated his account in 5 business day it is cancelled with no explanation from the provider.